Stella Wingfield Cook

We don’t skip a beat, not one. You are the embodiment of a forever friend, strong in your commitment and resilient in your dedication. You give and give, and occasionally, remind us all that we need to check out. We don’t have to see each other often for me to feel your love. I hope you feel the same.

When we are together, I can’t get enough of you. You allow me to be messy. You allow me to be uncertain. That type of support, that unconditional love, lifts me up, even when I’m being dumb. You always leave me stronger than you found me.

Aside from your empowering nature, you are also willing to share your inner self. There are moments when a conversation we are having could have totally happened in 1996, and while this is rare (since we’re both trying really hard to be good grownups) it allows me to reconnect with a deeper me. You always create a space for people to find their deeper selves.

You send a lot of love out into this world, daily. You aren’t afraid to be loud about it. Thank you for allowing me to be a recipient of that love. You encourage and motivate and praise, in visible ways.

Thank you for the gift that is your friendship; thank you for the introductions to friends that have become part of my tribe; thank you for the experiences you have made possible.

Thank you for your love.




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