Joseph Walton Hall IV

Thank you for your heart. While I believe love too simple a term, I feel obligated by convention to name it such. I have loved and been loved in my life. I love so many still. But there is no love more encompassing of emotional depth than the love I have for you. It is the best of me. You are the best of me.

After our short seven+ years, I am still falling for you. It is in your embrace that I have found something more fulfilling than any other experience in my life. I am reminded of my vows to you and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to repeat the sentiment.

Joseph, you are kind, gentle, loving, giving, hopeful and inspired. You give me the space I need and a clear path back into your arms. You hold me up and push me forward. You love me so deeply and completely that there is never a doubt in my mind or heaviness in my heart. I vow to love you without reservation, to honor our love, to cherish our love. I will always support you no matter the task at hand. I will always walk beside you, no matter the path you choose. Thank you for loving me and allowing me to be my best self.

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