Thank you!

Last night I celebrated the end of the third decade of my life with a house full of friends and family. Today, I welcome 30 with a respectful retrospect and an appreciation for the incredible experiences and invaluable relationships that have composed the previous 29. As I looked around last night I recognized the beautiful abundance of love filling the room. A warmth filled the spaces between the bodies as I moved from person to person and corner to corner. Without hesitation, I accepted the gift of having such amazing people in my life.

The past year of my life has been one of growth and grounding, settling in and reaching out. The community, which I am so thankful to be a part of, has supported my endeavors and encouraged me to explore new areas of my own creative existence. I am continually inspired by the amazing talent that surrounds me each day.

As I spend today reflecting on the days before, it seems fitting to publish this blog and its first post. So many people have touched my life. Each of the posts that follow will be an attempt to express my overwhelming gratitude for the many who have loved, influenced, inspired, encouraged, excited, enthused, embraced, accentuated, reciprocated and cultivated. Some posts will be timely and immediate, others will be long over due. If I should find that I am the only one who ever visits this site I am certain that it will still have served its purpose.

This is a testament to those who have made my ┬álife “inexhaustible in its richness.” (Walter Rosenblum)

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